Innovative Design Props and Element at GoodWorks CoWork

Innovative Design Props and Element at GoodWorks CoWork

Coworking Facilities at GoodWorks CoWork

CoWorkers around the world complain of inadequate and sloppy facilities frequently. We at, Goodworks CoWork have ensured that such complaints never arise and the coworkers enjoy their working hours in our shared office spaces in Whitefield, Bangalore.

The facilities accompanying our office spaces are:

  1. High speed internet so that you can sit back and breeze through your day to day activities.
  2. Individual storage units with locks to keep your gadgets and personal documents safe and secure.
  3. Ergonomic swivel chairs that give you a healthy seating posture and allow you to work better.
  4. Vibrant business lounge to carry out business meeting and for your personal time.
  5. Round the clock camera surveillance for better security and immunity to loss of items.
  6. Multiple plug ports to connect all your gadgets and equipment.
  7. Electricity backup so that you do not waste even a single second of your work schedule.

Value Added Services:

An office space can be rented anywhere, but we set a benchmark by delivering the best value added services for coworking office spaces in Bangalore. Right from a professional location to in-house benefits, GoodWorks CoWork sets the norm for others to follow.

Our Value added services for shared office spaces include:

  1. In-house printing and scanning options to keep your worry off logistical hassles.
  2. Mailbox facility to send and receive important business documents, cheques, and invoices.
  3. Expert advice on technology from veterans on matters such as design, technology and funding problems.
  4. Professional business address in Whitefield – IT hub of Bangalore which is most sought out in today’s era.

Workshops, Seminars & Mentorship:

Apart from world class facilities and value added benefits, we offer insightful workshops and seminar by veteran entrepreneurs and technology experts that will broaden your horizons. So, do not just expect another office space where you can work. Expect a fun filled, spacious, comfortable and work oriented shared space where you can learn and grow simultaneously.

Workshop registeration at GoodWorks CoWork

Workshop registeration at GoodWorks CoWork

  1. Access to startup related events, seminars and investor pitches where you can learn and grow. Also, increase your possibility of getting funded from angel investors.
  2. Collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers which is one of the most aspects of the coworking environment. Mutually benefiting from each other’s positive energy and ideas is very important for a startup to go big
  3. Words of wisdom from Vishwas Mudagal and Sonia Sharma which is priceless in every sense as it will allow you to innovate with your ideas and implement them in a better manner.

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