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How To Training Your Brain To Be More Innovative


Innovation is nothing but “intelligence having fun”. In today’s world where people try and copy one another’s ideas, innovative ones always stand out. It could be the same concept but may have a different outlook to it. This different outlook is what makes a person’s idea innovative.

Given below are a few ways in which you can train your mind to be more innovative:

  • Ignoring the aftermath:

Learn to focus on the process and not the final result. Most creative minds do that. They put their time and energy into focusing on the process of the task at hand. That helps them come up with great ideas. Thinking about the present and channeling your energy on the task at hand has great benefits. It helps you brainstorm much better.

  • Don’t criticize yourself:

Criticism is the worst thing you can do to yourself. By doing that, you discourage yourself and thus your self-esteem falls. If you yourself shoot down your own ideas, how will the world accept it? When you learn to be confident in yourself and your work, automatically your mind becomes more innovative.

  • Calm down:

Stress is an awful companion of creativity. You can never be innovative if you’re stressed because ideas never come to a stressed mind. Make sure you keep calm while creating anything. Do whatever helps you to ease out your stress. Take a nap, exercise, hear soothing music, etc.

  • Keep a journal:

Jotting down ideas is a great way to stay innovative. You basically make a record of your thoughts thus making it more likely that you will implement your ideas. This habit also trains your mind to think of more creative ideas in the future.

  • Reading

Studies have shown that reading stimulates brain activity the best. It is always a good habit to read a lot. It can be articles or books related to your own ideas or it can be a random topic.

  • Meditation:

Meditation helps relax the mind and free it from all stresses. It also increases oxygen flow in the body. It helps calm brain activity too. On an average, our brain has about 60-70 thousand thoughts per day. Meditation helps streamline these thoughts thus making a person more productive as well as creative.

  • Give up hazardous habits:

Addictions like alcohol cigarettes and drugs slow down the brain’s thought process thus making it more lazy and confused. Even confectionary foods have the same effect on the brain. In order to stay more alert, these habits need to be laid off.

  • Workout:

Exercise is a fundamental constituent to sustain energy levels and health; this is a strong inductor of original ideas.

Exercising your mind is equally important. There are many apps available to shift the brains resources to find solutions from different angles. This helps the mind come up with more innovative ideas.

So these were a few ways to train your mind to be more innovative. Following these steps is crucial for young minds and success creators of today’s times.

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